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Category Archives: Products Liability


Tesla Doors Malfunction After Accident, Killing Driver Trapped Inside

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

Even skeptics are coming around to the idea that electric cars are the wave of the future, and Tesla is an industry leader. The company has achieved progress in convincing consumers that, in addition to being better for the environment, electric cars are at least as safe as cars powered by petroleum engines. Fears… Read More »

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Widow Sues Tesla, Alleges That Autopilot Malfunction Caused Fatal Crash

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

Unless you are an industry insider or a skilled researcher, you probably get plenty of mixed messages about the state-of-the-art features found on new models of cars. On the one hand, tech news sites run plenty of puff pieces about how the new features of cars will make driving so much easier and so… Read More »

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Tesla Model 3 Is No Magic Carpet Ride, Product Liability Lawsuit Alleges

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

Despite the scary headlines that vie for your clicks, electric cars are generally very safe, at least as safe as conventional cars. All new products have a few glitches, though, and unfortunately sometimes they do not get worked out until after the products are commercially available and after some accidents have happened. People who… Read More »

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What Floridians Should Know About the Talcum Powder Product Liability Lawsuits

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

Talcum powder is a great way to protect your skin from the Florida heat, as every baby and every grandma knows, but could it cause cancer? The past year has witnessed several verdicts in different states in which plaintiffs have been able to show a preponderance of the evidence that Johnson & Johnson talcum… Read More »

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