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Monthly Archives: July 2019

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Royal Palm Beach Man Sues Royal Caribbean Cruise Because of Medical Error by Infirmary Doctor

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

What is the biggest health hazard associated with cruise ships? Is it seasickness? Is it the close quarters, which are so conducive to the spread of infectious diseases? Consider how norovirus is notorious for affecting cruise ship passengers. Is it the buffet tables overflowing with artery-clogging burgers and pancreas-busting desserts, plus endless leisure time… Read More »

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Miami Herald Report Shows That South Florida Has a High Rate of Train Accidents

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

People who visit Florida from eminently walkable cities like New York and Washington, D.C. often comment on how little public transportation there is in the Sunshine State’s major urban areas. A map of the bus routes in South Florida reveals huge, densely populated areas with no public transportation at all. Many Palm Beach County… Read More »

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Evidence in Personal Injury Lawsuits

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

If courts did not make decisions based on evidence, they would not be able to make any claim to justice. People resort to lawsuits to resolve disputes because the court, at least in theory, gives equal weight to each side’s arguments, judging each on its own merits. It is because of evidence that litigation… Read More »

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What Floridians Should Know About the Talcum Powder Product Liability Lawsuits

By Scott Smith Injury Law |

Talcum powder is a great way to protect your skin from the Florida heat, as every baby and every grandma knows, but could it cause cancer? The past year has witnessed several verdicts in different states in which plaintiffs have been able to show a preponderance of the evidence that Johnson & Johnson talcum… Read More »

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